The Blade Children are the children of Yaiba and numerous randomly selected women. The name "Blade Children" comes from how they are the Children of Yaiba, and how "Yaiba" means "blade".The Blade Children serving a pivotal role in the story arc: Eyes Rutherford, Kousuke Asazuki, Rio Takeuchi, Ryoko Takamachi, and Kanone Hilbert. There are other Blade Children who serve as minor characters (Sayoko Shiranagatani) and don't contribute much within the flow of the story.

The Characteristics Edit

Each child is born with special abilities (ex. Ryoko's speed, Eye's piano playing, Rio's technical specialty). The children have cat-like slits for pupils. Like their father, they are missing one rib. The Blade Children all had a specific rib removed at birth to show their relationship to Yaiba. This missing rib is how the Blade Children can be identified. All the children are half siblings. The mothers were chosen based on their attributes (ex. Kanone's mother was an assassin).

Curse Edit

The children's father, Yaiba, was a madman. He wished to rule the world and began the Blade Children project to guarantee his legacy would continue even after his death. None of the children were able to meet their father since he was murdered by Kiyotaka Narumi. Yaiba has a messiah complex that began when he turned eighteen, he was overly gifted and exceeded in every challenge thrown his way. His children are gifted, as well, through their father's genes and whatever is their mother's main exceeding quality. However, the children are prone to fall into madness the closer they get to reaching adulthood. When they turn eighteen their brain triggers a "switch," which causes them to go on murdering sprees or manipulate their way into gaining prestige. During this "switch" they lose all former personality traits they developed and instead fall into Yaiba's mad messiah complex. However, some of this may have been a delusion created in their head. When Ayumu defeated Kanone, Hizumi, and Kiyotaka he managed to change the fate of every Blade Children into having hope. However, the logic behind this can stand as: defeating Hizumi,Yaiba's clone, is the same as beating Yaiba and defeating Kiyotaka is considered beating the original savior for mankind. After beating Kiyotaka, Ayumu is now the savior of the Blade Children.

The Blade Children Edit

The known Blade Children are: