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Two years ago, Ayumu Narumi's older brother Kiyotaka, a famous detective and pianist, disappears without a trace. Ayumu's only clue as to his brother's whereabouts is the phrase "Blade Children," the only words Ayumu could make out in Kiyotaka's final phone call. Now in high school, Ayumu becomes involved in solving in a series of murders and other incidents, all related to the Blade Children. Together with his school's journalist, Hiyono Yuizaki, and the unwilling assistance of his sister-in-law, Madoka, Ayumu tries to figure out who the Blade Children are and what are their goals.

Featured Blade Child of the Year

Rio is a very dangerous Blade Child despite her child like appearance.

She is known as one of Kiyotaka Narumi's favorite and is Kousuke Asazuki's partner in crime.

Rio appears to be innocent looking, but is actually very intelligent and deceiving.Ryouko Takamachi according to Kousuke, is inferior to Rio in many ways and cannot believe it when they first met.

Her talent is creating home-made bombs, giving her the nick-name the"Fire Pixie".

Rio has a crush on Eyes Ruthford who gives her "net patterned" melons.


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